Application Instructions

Chipmate Metal Putty® is a high temperature filler and care should be taken during application, curing. Please follow below application guide for desired results.

A YouTube video link for application – available on request.

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As long as you follow below application instructions strictly, allow sufficient time for the filler to air cure (so that the solvent escapes fully from the putty) and powder coat the job where the substrate not exposed to  more than 218Celsius (425 0 Fahrenheit), then nothing can prevent you to get a desired finish / results !

Also available metal putties that can withstand 1,000 0 Fahrenheit (538Celsius) for special purposes like PVDF coatings.


  1. Please view application video carefully prior to your test job, if you haven’t tried this filler in past.
  2. Ensure that application surface should be free from oil, grease, dust. You may use supplied solvent (Chipmate SOL1) for a final cleaning prior to apply of putty.
  3. If the application surface is smooth, make some roughness (prior to application) to enhance proper adhesion.
  4. Mix the content well immediately opening the lid, with a clean screw driver or similar tool (use only metal tool).
  5. Take a small part from the can to a metal container and add few drops of supplied solvent (only if the filler is very stiff) to enhance spreading as shown in the video and close the can with lid to avoid curing inside the can.
  6. Do not over work on the putty; only spread the filler as shown in the application video.    Application tip:  wet the applicator with Chipmate SOL1 -solvent to aid in smoothing the metal putty and reduce “pulling”.
  7. Leave the test job for few hours (air curing) so that all solvents escape from the putty.
  8. You may do mild sanding, once putty fully hardened.
  9. Air clean the surface and then you can do powder coating.
  10. Please avoid chromating, phosphating as chemicals used for same may affect the quality of putty. Once the job (application of putty) completed and if some putty left over, please preserve same for next time. You may drop few drops of supplied solvent (Chipmate SOL1) on top of unused putty and close the can firmly.

Usual Mistakes:

  1. Users tend to overwork on the putty like normal epoxy putty  – shall affect adhesion, more wastage of putty, labour etc. See the video how the filler is spreading carefully.
  2. Not kept job enough time for air curing – means solvent not escaped fully, this may cause small pin holes after powder coating (due solvent escaping during over curing).
  3. Air bubbles during putty application. This may also cause pin holes / peeling off or both after powder coating. Apply putty in thin layers.
  4. Over baking of putty – this may cause discoloration / burns. Keep a track of your oven temperature.

Application Videos

You tube video – Chipmate Metal Putty® applied on spot welded generator canopy & powder coated same successfully

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