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– What is Chipmate Metal Putty®?

– How this is useful for you?

Are you facing issues with epoxy body fillers / steel putties that was used in your fabricated jobs after powder coating?

Pealing-off (applied filler) / pin holes / discoloration are usual issues which eventually cost more for its rectification or else you compromise the    quality / finish of the work. In case you face any of the above, and if you are looking for a permanent solution, then try / start using Chipmate Metal Putty® Made in USA (Powder Coatable).

Most steel fabricators / fire rated seamless door manufactures are successfully using Chipmate Metal Putty® provided their doors / end products are finished with powder coating so as fabricators.

Why choose us!​

We are primarily a solution provider to coating industry - our services reaches across the globe. Be it fabrication industry - corrosion protection - pipeline restoration - cold welding - emergency portable water line repairs and much more. Try us once, feel end-less possibilities !

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